30 Day Ab Challenge 

I’m currently participating in a 30 Ab Challenge at Xtreme Fitness Boot Camp in Orlando FL. My experience has been awesome so far with one week remaining in the challenge. From my understanding there were 30 participants and currently I am tied for 3rd place. 

I’d like to walk you through my journey during the ab challenge. 

Week 1 Meal Planning 

I found it very difficult implementing the meal plan we were given to follow, in addition to four intense ab challenge classes a week. My meals consist of: an apple before every meal. 


  • 3 oz egg whites
  • Plain oatmeal 
  • 1 complex carb


  • Berries  
  • Grapefruit 


  •  3 oz chicken breast 
  •  Vegetables 
  • 1 complex carb 


  • Apples
  • Bananas 


  •  3 oz chicken breast
  •  Vegetables    
  • 1 complex card 


  • Apple
  • Plums

My initial thoughts were “I wouldn’t be able to adjust to the meal plan”, however I quickly realized that if done properly, it’s doable with proper planning. 

Intense HIIT Ab challenge 

We workout 4 times a week for 30 minutes on Tue, Thurs, Sat and Sun, all classes are held at the training facility. The classes are very difficult. Our instructor is Alan Marshall, the owner and very experienced personal trainer at Xtreme Fitness Bootcamp. During these classes he gives us a variation of high intensity workouts. His uniquely designed workouts target the lower, middle and upper abs. When I say unique, I truly mean it, Alan ponders for hours developing new workout routines to challenge us, and finds new ways to work the targeted areas. 

I have tried working with several trainers from Missouri to Florida and have never met a trainer that actually strives to put their own personal twist on his exercises. This approach in my opinion is what keeps the Ab Challenge exciting and has everyone wondering whats in store for us during the next class. 

Week 2 The Struggle

I must admit, I “struggled” with finding a balance between following the meal plan, but not eating enough to have enough energy for each HIIT workout. I took it upon myself to speak with Alan to understand what I could do differently so that I have enough energy to fuel my workout. Alan asked me a series of questions to determine where I may have done something wrong, and within minutes identified my error. 

Week 3 Success

After correctly following the meal plan during week 3, I began to successfully eat properly and that gave me the fuel to complete each HIIT workout with ease. 

I am currently heading into week 4 so wish me luck and i’ll have a full report on the results next week. 



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