Top Ten Weight Loss Programs

 For many years people have struggled with their weight. Trying program after program to find something that works for them. First, I would like to say that dieting does work, however I would like to dig a litter deeper into the details of dieting. The Atkins Diet for example, is popular because it works, it's … Continue reading Top Ten Weight Loss Programs


Lucero Olive Oil

The best flavored olive oil around in my opinion, out of all the places I have frequented for olive oils Lucero has won my heart. Located in Northern California in a community known as “Olive City” which is referred to as home of the olive trees. Lucero carries everything from Flavored Olive Oil, Balsamic Vinegar … Continue reading Lucero Olive Oil

Nike Free Cross Compete Training Shoe

One of many things I truly believe in is having the right pair of shoes while working out. I absolutely love my Nike Free Cross Compete Women's Training Shoes. This shoe is designed for high-intensity workouts, the versatile Nike Free Cross Compete Women's Training Shoe gives you ultra-lightweight flexibility while providing essential stability and impact protection … Continue reading Nike Free Cross Compete Training Shoe